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Deluxe Badami Korma
A most popular curry at the Madhuban restaurant is Korma. It is mild, creamy, golden, sweet and tasty. It is also one of the most popular Madhuban Sauces for details. But Lodue Miah, Madhuban's proprietor and Executive Chef, is renowned for seeking out improvements to all his recipes, no matter how popular.

Probably his most successful new recipe, is his Deluxe Badami Korma. He introduced it at his Madhuban restaurant some years ago, to the delight of his customers. And now he is introducing it in his new range of curry sauces, aptly named Deluxe, to identify the fact that they are top of the range.

Deluxe Badami Korma is it very luscious, and it contains some precious ingredients, the likes of special spices, freshly ground almond (badami) from which the sauce gets its name, golden sultanas, and saffron, the world's most expensive spice. It is these ingredients which makes it Madhuban Restaurant's best seller. Now it's a Madhuban Sauce, you can try it yourself and find out why it's so popular, where ever you are.


To cook four portions: Stir-fry 700g cubed meat, chicken, prawns or vegetables in 2 tbs hot oil for 5 minutes. Add all the sauce and cook until tender, adding water if needed. Note: Meat can be casseroled in oven at 190˙C for an hour stirring occasionally. Cream and/or yoghurt and/or creamed coconut may be added to the finished dish if liked. Garnish with toasted flaked almonds and chopped fresh coriander leaves. Note, if you want the dish to be saucier, reduce the 700g main ingredient quantity to c500g.

Korma probably evolved from the Persian meat dish Koresh where only ghee or oil is used in the initial cooking with garlic, ginger and onion. In India, the same initial method is used to cook Korma, though it varies when lamb or chicken is marinated in yoghurt. Water is introduced later, and saffron infuses a golden colour, but this must be entirely evaporated during the cooking process, indicated at the end of cooking when the ghee or oil floats on top of the cooked dish.

There are many types of authentic korma, all of whose aromas come from cassia, green cardamoms, cloves, bay leaves, and fennel seeds it is and awash with a mellow gravy, achieved in the north by using yoghurt and/or cream, and in the south with coconut milk. some edible silver leaf (Vark) Korma does not necessarily mean mild - it is quite normal to add fresh chillies. In Kashmir, one famous dish, the Mirchwangan Korma, is red in colour and hot in taste from the prolific use chillies. Korma has been around for centuries but it was perfected by the Moghuls. It was said that if a chef could cook a korma he could cook for the court. If he could cook two dozen variations he would be king of the kitchens, and cook for the Emperor's table.

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