Goan Curry Sauce for Fish


Goan Curry Sauce for Fish is one of Madhuban’s new Deluxe Sauce range. It is high in flavor, using exclusive ingredients formulated especially to enhance the subtlety of white fish, such as rich coconut milk, fresh curry leaves, and mustard seeds.

Gluten Free Vegetarian Halal

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Fish itself is low in calories and high in protein, vitamins and minerals thus making this Deluxe Sauce a very healthy dish, especially when served with plain rice. And as with all Madhuban Sauces, it works equally well with prawns of all sizes, lobster, chicken and ‘white’ meat.


The subcontinent has a huge coastline and too many rivers and lakes to count. Consequently fish has always played a very big part in the Indian diet. Goa is India’s most popular tourist district. It is located on the south-west coastal area of India and its golden-sand beaches stretch uninterrupted for miles and miles. Goa is unique in being largely Christian, a legacy of the former Portuguese occupiers, as is their love of pork, beef, lamb, poultry and the mighty chilli. Certain Goan dishes are extremely chilli hot, but not this fish sauce which reflects the fact that Goans equally relish subtle tastes. Mind you, if you are one of those who do like it hot, simply add chilli powder to the sauce whilst you heat it up.


To Cook Goan Yourself:
Use Madhuban Goan Sauce with meat or chicken or prawn or vegetables. Simply follow the instructions on our recipes page.


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